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        A.Installation Precaution

        1.Please install the unit in a sturdy place to avoid any shaking,vibration or noise. The unit should be securely fixed.

        2.Please install the unit inside the room.

        3.Don’t install the unit too low, no less than 2.3 meters from the ground.

        4.When the entrance is wider than the unit, it is recommended to install two or more units in parallel. In this case, provide 20-40mm gaps between the units.

        5.Don’t allow gaps between the unit and the wall. When hanging it from the ceiling, use the enclosed ceiling brackets.

        6.Don’t install the unit in a place where it is splashed by water,exposed to excessive steam, explosive gas or corrosive gas.

        B. Installing against a concrete wall:

        1.Remove the mounting plate. Undo the fixed screws on the back of main body to remove the mounting plate.

        2.Fix the bolts in the proper position (Decide the position with the mounting plate.)

        3.Fit the mounting plate

        4.Install the main body.Set the main body onto the upper end of the mounting plate and clamp it as shown.

        C. Installing on a wooden or dry wall

        1. Fix the mounting plate in the proper positions with tapping screw.

        2.Proceed as per step 4 above.

        D. Hanging from the ceiling

        1.Remove the mounting plate from main body

        2.Fixing ceiling brackets as Fig.

        3. Set the mounting plate on the ceiling brackets and ensure a securefixing with use of the bolts. Using the ceiling brackets to hang from theceiling, the position of mounting plate can be adjusted in the limit of 100mm.

        4.Do the same as step A to install the main body.

        5.Fixthe air curtain as in the procedure for installing on the concrete wall.Then pipe as per Fig.